A Marine Science and Technology Partnership Programme for the island of Ireland

2023 Nephrops Underwater TV Surveys

These multidisciplinary surveys will take place on the Tom Crean in June and August.

The objective of the surveys is to provide abundance and density estimates for Nephrops (Nephrops norvegicus) on the most important fishing grounds around Ireland. Survey data will include UWTV footage, oceanographic (CTD drops), multi-beam bathymetry and seabed characterisation, and other ecosystem data.

Survey dates are as follows:

  • UWTV Survey 1 11th to 26th June
  • UWTV Survey 2 8th to 16th August

This is a great opportunity to gain experience in biological sampling and marine data collection. Applications are invited from graduate and post graduate students wishing to develop expertise in fisheries biology and modelling, benthic biology and associated data collection topics.


To be considered eligible to take part in this survey applicants should be in possession of a current ENG 11 medical certificate and a personal survival techniques training (PST STCW 95) certificate. Eng11 Medical certificates must be renewed every two years and PST certification must have obtained within the last five years. Information on obtaining these certificates and vessel user checklists are available at the Marine Institute’s Vessel User Information Webpage here.


Applications can be submitted online here.

Advice on completing the application form is here.

The closing date for applications for UWTV Survey 1 is Friday the 5th of May.

The closing date for applications for UWTV Survey 2 is Monday the 29th of May.

Survey Data

The data collected during the survey is the intellectual property of the survey organisers.

Further Information

Operating ports for this survey will be finalised closer to mobilisation.

The 2021 UWTV Survey report for FU2021 with catch scenarios is here.

Additional information on Marine Institute Nephrops surveys and cruise reports can be accessed here.

Further Enquiries should be directed to john.boyd@atu.ie

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