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Deferred: Science@Sea 2023 Tom Crean Training Survey

A Science@Sea marine data collection training survey will take place on the 15th and 16th of February in Cork Harbour and its approaches. The survey platform is the RV Tom Crean and learners will have the opportunity to stay aboard Europe’s newest research vessel for a truly immersive experience of offshore data collection and surveying.

This intensive training survey is aimed at postgraduate students of marine-related sciences, technologies, and engineering, as well as researchers, and marine oriented professionals and educators.

Teaching will focus on core cross‐disciplinary skills for seafloor and water column characterisation with special emphasis on oceanographic, biological, and hydrographic data collection.

Instructors and learners will have at their disposal the full suite of the Tom Crean’s state-of-the-art remote sensing instrumentation and ground-truthing equipment in a fully interactive hands-on learning environment.

Other elements essential to carrying to marine data collection will also be addressed including safety at sea, RV research and monitoring programmes, and survey design and planning.

Places on Science@Sea 2023 are limited to 10 and the closing date for applications is Friday the 20th of January.



Course Fees

Course fees for Science@Sea are €400 and payable to Atlantic Technological University.

Further Information

Please email John.Boyd@atu.ie

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Testimony from learners on SMART Sea School 2022 Research Vessel Training Surveys

“The explanation and use of the various pieces of equipment from the CTD to the multibeam profiler were very useful and really helped me to understand what was involved with marine surveying.

I really enjoyed the beam trawl and identification of species, this was probably the highlight of the trip for me”

“I really enjoyed learning all about the different geotechnical sampling techniques like the cores that we collected. I also found the multibeam really interesting along with the bathymetry maps. The CTD was also great to be able to operate”

“Everything! Environmental impact assessment role play was great, and all the hands-on experience of surveying and sampling was ideal”

“I found the CTD and the MBES most useful as they pertain to my day-to-day job managing these surveys via supply chain partners, however what was most enjoyable was the benthic sampling and fisheries assessment which provided me with much more context as to the species which live in the various habitats. It’s given me a better sense of the other purpose to the water quality assessments I undertake which, aside from demonstrating compliance with water column eqs standards, also are used to support aquatic ecology impact assessments which up to now had felt very alien to me due to a lack of experience with the biology.”

“Everything was great, it’s hard to pick one! I think the bits and bobs about the CTD will prove most useful to my future research on linking marine productivity with atmospheric primary emissions of both gases and aerosols. I have learnt about many news things which I still need to reflect upon, overall, the whole experience was very enjoyable!”

“The training programme was great. It was great to be on the boat and brushing up on long forgotten survey methods and to learn about survey methods I have never been familiar with. Teachers and crew were great, everything was well organised. The level of planning that has gone into running the event was very impressive. Thanks everyone.”

“Overall, I thought it was a fantastic course. For a team of land based Local Authority regulators, responsible for river/lake water monitoring and pollution control, it was an excellent introduction to the “end point” of what we are trying to protect.”

Marine Research Programme

Shiptime for Science@Sea is supported by the Marine Institute and is funded under the Marine Research Programme by the Government of Ireland.

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