A Marine Science and Technology Partnership Programme for the island of Ireland

Call Open: Science@Sea 2022

Two Science@Sea training surveys in multidisciplinary marine science will take place from the 14th to 17th of March in Cork Harbour and its approaches.

These intensive two-day CPD courses on the RV Celtic Voyager are aimed at postgraduate students of marine-related sciences, technologies and engineering, as well as researchers, and marine oriented professionals and educators.

Science@Sea teaches cross‐disciplinary skills for sampling and data collection in the core disciplines of:

  • Oceanography,
  • Benthic and fisheries biology
  • Marine geosciences
  • Marine Geophysics

Learning on Science@Sea focuses on teaching and practicing the operation and applications of RV equipment and instrumentation for ocean research and observation.

Other elements essential to carrying out research surveys at sea will also be addressed including safety at sea, RV research and monitoring programmes, and survey design and planning.

How to Apply
The closing date for applications is Friday the 11th of February and applications can be submitted at the


For more information email smart@gmit.ie

Course Fees
Course fees for Science@Sea are set at €250 and payable to Lifelong Learning at Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology.

Participants are liable for their own travel and accommodation costs for the duration of courses.

Testimony from Science@Sea Participants
“Being divided into small groups allowed for a more hands-on learning environment. The teaching style was nice and relaxed which allowed for questions to be asked without feeling intimidated.”

“Overall it was a great course and I really enjoyed it”.

“Overall, Science@Sea was a fantastic experience and I would love the opportunity to participate in further ship-based training.”

“I enjoyed learning from the experts! Everyone on board was incredibly knowledgeable and also very friendly and willing to answer questions -this was appreciated! It was fun and interesting to learn about each different set of research methods and to get comprehensive details from the experts in their particular fields”.

“The staff on our course were great, all were very enthusiastic and knowledgeable. There were very happy to discuss anything with the students, answering questions beyond the course content.”

“Found all aspects useful enjoyed the hands on nature of the training. Valuable knowledge gained for further professional development.”

“Overall, I thought it was a fantastic course. For a team of land based Local Authority regulators, responsible for river/lake water monitoring and pollution control, it was an excellent introduction to the “end point” of what we are trying to protect.”

Science@Sea 2022 Poster

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Call Open: Science@Sea 2022

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