A Marine Science and Technology Partnership Programme for the island of Ireland

Irish Groundfish Survey (IGFS) 2022

The Irish Groundfish Survey is an internationally coordinated demersal trawl survey that takes place from October to December in the Atlantic shelf waters of Ireland. The main objectives of the Irish Groundfish Survey are to provide indices of abundance for commercially exploited demersal fish stocks and recruitment information in the Celtic Seas Ecoregion. The survey also collects data on non-commercial fish species, elasmobranchs, cephalopods and benthic fauna.

The IGFS is an excellent opportunity for graduates and postgraduate students who wish to develop field skills in biometric sampling and gain experience in offshore survey operations.

Provisional survey legs are as follows:

IGFS Leg 1. 31st October to 11th November.

IGFS Leg 2. 12th to 23rd November.

IGFS Leg 3. 24th November to 5th December.

IGFS Leg 4. 6th to 16th December.


The closing date for applications is Friday the 12th of August 2022.

Applications can be submitted online here.


  • Significant seagoing experience
  • Current ENG 11 medical certificate
  • Current PST STCW 95 or equivalent
  • Capacity to adhere to level 5 COVID 19 for fourteen days prior to survey
  • COVID 19 negative test result

Survey Data

The data collected during the survey is the intellectual property of the survey organisers. Survey participants are obliged to comply with survey data privacy and protection as set out by the Chief Scientist.

Further Information

Bursaries are granted with the agreement of the chief scientist.

Information on obtaining medical and sea-survival certificates and vessel user guidelines for national research vessels are available here.

Also see:

Irish Groundfish Survey Cruise Report, Sept. 24th – Dec. 17th, 2014 (marine.ie)

Marine Institute IGFS Webpage

Further enquiries should be addressed to: smart@gmit.ie.

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